How to make money on android with Cashpirate

How to make money on android with Cashpirate

How to make money with cashpirate app. Previously I have discussed about How  to make money by using the Android Smartphone or Android Tablet using Cash Karma App. There are many paying app taht you can use to make more money just using your phone but here I will review about Cashpirate.


Here is the Payment proof from cashpirate to my PayPal.

My review about cashpirate just from my PayPal screen shoots I can sow you that cashpirate and is legit paying app. CashPirate has automate payment system and you will not be charged any fee for your withdraw to PayPal.
How To Make More Money With CashPirate

CashPirate is one of the best Making money apps on google play store, you can earn cash or gift cards just by downloading free apps and doing some other task. I’ve installed some of the best making money app in my phone and already earn money from them.

Earn money & Gift Cards by trying new apps and watching videos!.

About CashPirate:

The Cashpirate file size is only 1.3Mb and has been downloaded by 500,000 users(5M) in the Android Smartphone.

CashPirate made by Ayet Studios with email contact Who is specialized in Play Store promotion and advertising as well as mobile software and ayeT-Studios was founded in 2013 and is located in Hanover (Germany).

In CashPirate you get Points Reward, each 2500 points can be redeemed for dollars that you can withdraw to your PayPal, or can be exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards, Facebook Gift card, GameStop Gift Card, Walmart eGift Card, and Xbox Gift Card. Every 1000 point worth $1. The minimum withdraw is 2500 points worth $2.50.

Here are ways how to make money with CashPirate

Download application and install CashPirate app from Google Play Store.


Registered a new account, after successful register and login your CashPirate new account, enters the CashPirate bonus Code (ref code of cashpirate) JNEPSF to get 500 points. If you do not enter the code you will not get your bonus.Your bonus points will be added to each download points.

Referral code of cash pirate

Here is the referral code :- JNEPSF

How to Get Point in CashPirate.

To get a point in Cashpirate could do with a few things.

You can earn points by downloading the application and run the offered application.

You can see the list of task from the sponsors through CashPirate menu whether it be video or the other and earn points by doing so.

  • Try new free games or free apps to get points.
  • You can watch the video to get the points.
  • Completing the survey and free trying new products will also increase the balance of your CashPirate points.

    How to redeem on cash pirate

    You can redeem points and withdraw to your PayPal when reaching a minimum of 2500 points valued at $ 2.5, note: you have to set the goal of your reward points, when the point reach the goal you can redeem it.

    There are several options you can redeem points and withdraw to your PayPal.

    1. 2500 points redeemed for $ 2.5
    2. 5000 points redeemed for $ 5
    3. 10000 points redeemed for $ 10
    4. 25000 points redeemed for $ 25

    Easy is not it?, Yes as easy as make extra money with Cashpirate, just apply those way of making money and adds extra money to your income.


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