How to create fake conservation or chat in what’s up or facebook

How to create fake conservation or chat in what’s up or facebook

WhatsApp and Facebook are the largest messaging platform in the world and the first choice of most of the persons for chatting with friends, colleagues, family members etc. But what if I give a way to create fake conversation in WhatsApp and Facebook. Yeah that is possible and can be formulated. Have fun with your friends with the help of this trick.

So, I am gonna show you an easy technique from you will be able to create fake conversation in WhatsApp and Facebook and then you can share that conversation with your friends and can make them fool.

So follow these steps

Step 1: 

 Most probably there are three popular apps to generate fake Whatsapp conversations as listed below:

  1.   Yezzy (For Android )
  2.   WhatsSaid (Also for Android)
  3.   WhatsFake (For iOS Devices)
  4.    Fake chat simulator
  5.    Prank

 Step 2:

 Download any app from above list…

 I am using Yeezy because it is available on Google play as well as It is generating the screenshot as per the latest WhatsApp user interface, however, it is leaving its watermark in generated screenshot but it is not a big problem for me, I can crop it!

 Step 3:

 Once you successfully download and Install app then open it, There you will find options for generating fake things.

 In Yeezy, There are many options including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

 Step 4:

 We are here to generate the fake WhatsApp screenshot so we will choose WhatsApp and go ahead.

 Step 5:

 Once you choose WhasApp there in the first screen you will get options for choosing an image of the person, their name, background and also you will get the latest feature of a blue check mark. 

 Step 6:

 Once you’re done with the above step, move forward to the “MESSAGES” tab there write your desired fake conversation

 Step 7

 And then just follow the next tabs as per your requirement and at last press the refresh button which is on the top right corner to generate the Fake Whatsapp conversation screenshot and if you want to save it then tap on save button and image will be saved to the phone.

 So, I hope this WhatsApp trick will be helpful to you to fool someone by generating (creating) fake WhatsApp chat or conversation .

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