How to spy someone on whatsapp messanger

How to spy someone on whatsapp messanger

Yeah you read it right, you can now spy on your friend’s/lover’s WhatsApp account, You can spy on your friend/lover for the times he/she comes online. This is using an app called WhatsDog.



  1.  ►  Download WhatsDog 
  2.  ► Install it, and run it
  3.  ►  On start up, you’ll be asked to select a contact
  4.  select the required contact.
  5.  You’ll now see a ‘Required agreement’ pop up. 
  6. Just select OK, you’ll be taken to the next screen.
  7. ►  Now, you’ll be able to see the times when your selected contact comes online. This works even when the person you want to spy is hiding the online status or last seen stats. 

 Note : You can only use this tool for tracking one WhatsApp contact at a time. You can spy another number/contact by deleting the data of the app (option to do that is given in the app) and start from step 1 


7 thoughts on “How to spy someone on whatsapp messanger

  1. Paak, the thing to say about this post is, just because you can, it doesn’t mean that’s ok. Perhaps your poor choice of words, since you repeat the word ‘spy’ a few times, is what gives me this creepy feeling that we’re entering an era when privacy belongs only to the high-tech cognizant or the rich, who can afford hiring an IT team to secure their confidential data. Everyone else is out on their own, and it’s up to people like you and a few others, to make the moral decision on how to use their knowledge: whether to help others or to screw their lives. I think it’s a matter of responsibility: you’re absolutely under no obligation to be moral and have high ethical standards in what you do. But it is your duty, as a member of this big community called humankind, to be measured and careful about how you use your public knowledge, so not to be the unwitting tool of the powerful and tyrants. I can see only one useful thing about your post: for parents who desperately need to know where their kids are and whether they’re facing harm. For every other adult, I just see a scary world where neighbors spy on neighbors and everybody is rightly paranoid about everybody else. Then again, maybe your choice of words is not out of your limited English fluency but it was intentional. If that’s the case, I have no interest in remaining your reader, wish you a good life, and so long. I’m sorry but I can’t be thrifted about what costs people’s lives and sense of worth.

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