How to download torrent files with idm

How to download torrent files with idm

What is a torrent ?

The Bittorrent specification details the metainfo that are included in torrent files:

  • announce – Lists at least one tracker url
  • info name – Suggested name for the file or directory
  • info piece – Files are split into fixed size pieces, and this defines the number of bytes of each piece .
  • info pieces – A hash list
  • info length – The length of the file
  • info files path – A list of strings of subdirectory names and file names
  • info files length – The actual file size in bytes

Below are the list of websites which provides torrent download with IDM :

Zbigz :- Torrent to IDM

Zbigz is one of the most amazing website to download torrent files through idm.Zbigz is an online torrent downloader From where you can directly download your torrent files through internet Download manager with full speed. Download limit is 1GB for Free account,If you want more go for premium.They provide anonymous downloads.Follow These Steps:

  1. ► Go to
  2. ► Now Sign up a account which is free of cost and verify your account
  3. ► Now You will see homepage.Now Upload your torrent file and After that click on go button and you will see popup window.
  4. ► Now Click on free button you will be redirected to a page
  5. ► Now click on that zip file.
  6. ► Now click on start download button and now your download will start.

There are many other website to do the same, here is the list of them

Bitport .


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