How to disconnect WiFi to other who use your wifi

How to disconnect WiFi to other who use your wifi

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to deny online access to your leeching neighbor , ungrateful roommates or just a random unknown device, Then just disable there wifi connection.

 How To Get the Full Speed of Internet On Your System?

 Just follow below given steps :

  1.  ► First of all download the Netcut here (only 2 MB in size)
  2.  ► Install the netcut as you install a normal software(with defaults).
  3.  ► Restart your system. Click on the newly created Netcut icon on desktop
  4.  ► After this, click on Choice NetcardHere, you will get all network adapet of your system, so choose your Network adapter, which is connected. only choose connected network adapter, dont choose any disconnected adapter. 
  5.  ► After doing this, you will get following screen


 Now, Select all or any One of the IP Addresses Seen On The Screen EXCEPT the first two IP because They are Your PCs and Routers IP Address. After Selecting the IP address Press the Cut Off(Ready) Button and the internet connection Will Be Cut Off Within few Seconds.

   6.    ► To Resume or Start The Internet again Press the Resume Button and the internet Will again start working In the shared computers.

 Now After Cutting The network connection Lets Study The Prevention from This attack so that this cannot happen with you.

  •  ► Download the NetCut Defender here
  •  ► After downloaded Software and install it On Your System
  •  ► There Will Be an Icon in the system tray of NetCut Defender,
  •  ► To see, who is attacking on your system, right click on this icon, then select Who Cut Me from Options.
  •  ► After this, you will get a complete list of attackers in new window. Here Attackers List window is blank because no one is trying to cut my internet.
  •  ► Now, You have all done!!!

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26 thoughts on “How to disconnect WiFi to other who use your wifi

  1. Good tips, Prince. What if you have a home WiFi, shared with your loved ones, but still want to keep out that not so nice neighbor – who asked you to borrow the access codes some time ago, but may be still using it, despite denying it? Is there another way BESIDES changing the password and network’s name? My family hates change, so if I could avoid it, it’d be great. Also, do these two softwares work on MacBook?
    By the way, thanks for visiting and following Colltales. (I’ve never had royalty following me before. I’m sure if I had, they’d be out to get me). Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah … I post this article for those person who have its own WiFi but his neighbour use its WiFi in illegal work like ha*king and other. then this trick will help them…


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